Methodologies & Targets

Piton de la Fournaise and Mt. Etna are considered as top priorities European volcano targets for developing these research strands. Piton de la Fournaise is recurrently erupting, still uncovered by several of the above-listed measurements and its weak eruptive intensity allow near field experiments on emissions containing only little silicate fraction. This target is of special interest to the project promoters in the continuation of ANR STRAP project. However, its degassing activity is discontinuous and mostly related to eruptive events (Di Muro et al., 2016; Tulet, Di Muro et al., 2017). In contrast, Mt. Etna is a continuously degassing and very active volcano, displaying a wide range of eruptive styles and is quite easily accessible for instruments and scientists. Therefore it is a privileged site for performing multidisciplinary joint investigations of volcanic plumes and a good reference case for comparing with Piton de la Fournaise. Furthermore, eruptions from Icelandic volcanoes would be a great opportunity to study a range of eruptive processes (including highly explosive eruptions) and bring new constraints in terms of gas-particle emissions at the source, transport, dispersion and atmospheric impacts of rich-particle plume.

Other non-european volcanoes could be also considered as targets of excellent scientific interest for both communities, permanent, but variable and sometimes relatively strong volcanic activity, and easy access.